CPESE Awards


Young Scientist Awards

  • Everyone within the age of 40 by September 11 with a doctor degree is eligible for Best Young Scientist Award.

  • Application could be made during registration. The applicant is required to submit representative publications (up to 2) and full CV for judges to review. All publications need to provide impact factor, citation and major research contribution.

  • Three researchers will be selected by the TPC during the conference.

  • Award Application Deadline: August 01, 2021 


Best Paper Award

The main criterion for selection is the same as for being a top-rated paper in the conference: introduction of a strong new technique, solution of a long-standing open problem, introduction and solution of an interesting and important new problem, etc. These are the characteristics associated with giving a paper the highest score.

If a paper qualifies for the Best Student Paper Award, it should not be disqualified from being considered for the Best Paper Award, and vice versa; a paper meriting both Awards should be given both Awards. 

The awards will be:
300 CHF (Swiss Francs)

This award was sponsored by Energies (ISSN 1996-1073; CODEN: ENERGA)  


Best Student Paper Award

  • For university students only.

  • The first author of the paper registered.

  • Oral Presentation Type.

  • Winners will be selected by the Program Committees. 


Best Oral Presentation Award

For every session, one best oral presentation will be selected by session chairs according to the originality, applicability, Technical Merit, PPT and English.